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Aqua Sub XTREME™ – 50 Gallon Blue Connector

The Direct Fill Link included with the Aqua Sub Xtreme™ Cart works with low profile watering systems that have the 09MBLU1 or 09MBLU2 quick connects.

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The Aqua Sub XTREME™ is an AC/DC powered watering cart. The cart is powered by a 12-volt battery (included) with its own on-board charger. The battery’s state of charge is indicated by LED lights and the pump will automatically shut off if the battery is low. AC power can be used to either power the cart or charge the battery. The new cart features a space-saving upright design that is easy to maneuver. The translucent tank allows monitoring of the water level while in use.

25 Gallon (95 L) Capacity
Thick-walled polypropylene tank is corrosion resistant with a large flip-top lid for easy filling. The translucent tank with gallon and liter gradiations allows for quick visual checks of the water level. For best results, use distilled or deionized water (Deionizer Part# PW-1800).

AC/DC Powered
Power the cart using the on-board battery or use AC power. The cart accepts global AC voltages. The included AC cord is for US/Canadian style outlets and is 12’ in length. Contact us for other cord configuration requirements.

No assembly required. The XTREME cart is ready to use out of the box, just add water and go!

Battery Included
12-volt sealed battery included. If the battery becomes low the pump will shut off and a red LED light will flash.



The built-in charger charges the battery when the cart is plugged into AC power and the cart is switched off. LED lights indicate whether the battery is charging or if the charge is complete. The charger shuts off when charge is complete and applies a maintenance charge, as needed.

Direct Fill Link
Direct Fill Link (DF72) included. With a built in pressure regulator, the Direct Fill Link delivers the right amount of pressure to fill batteries quickly and efficiently.

15’ (4.6 m) of 3/8” (9.5 mm) industrial hose is included.

2.2 G.P.M. diaphragm pump with in-line 15 amp fuse.

Built in, easy to clean strainer, prevents debris from entering the pump or your batteries.

LTL is required.

1 year parts and labor.


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