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When your AC power is interrupted, IBP’s Critical Power solutions keep your operation online.


It Pays To Have A Backup

IBP supports essential businesses nationwide to deliver the peace of mind that when there’s a power interruption or outage, it will be business as usual.

IBP’s Critical Power Solutions Help:

  • Lower Risk of Downtime

  • Improve Power Efficiency

  • Create Redundancies

Power Problems

In today’s world, we take AC power for granted and most businesses do not plan for a power outage until it is too late. IBP specializes in Critical Power solutions for all applications.  From system design to installation, we will improve the resiliency of your power supply and lower the risk of downtime.

  1. 1. AC Blackout

    A total loss of utility power occurring for more than 2 cycles.

  2. 2. Frequency Variation

    Frequency change from nominal 60Hz or 50Hz. Operation from engine generators can produce frequency variations.

  3. 3. Brown out

    ​Long-term reduced line voltage for an extended period of a few minutes to a few days.

  4. 4. Normal Mode Noise

    High frequency electrical waveform between line (L) and neutral (N) caused by RFI or EMI interference.

  5. 5. Voltage surge

    Short-term high voltage above 110% of nominal for several cycles.

  6. 6. Harmonic Distortion

    Distortion of the normal waveform generally caused by nonlinear loads such as rectifiers, switch mode power supplies, and variable frequency drives.

  7. 7. Power Sag

    Short-term low voltage caused by starting inrush current of large equipment, utility switching, or a temporary overload.

  8. 8. Switching Transient

    Fast high voltage spike with very short duration time.

  9. 9. Overvoltage

    Extended periods of increased line voltage ranging from a few minutes to a few days.

  10. 10. Common Mode Noise

    Electrical Interference that is measured between ground and either neutral (N) or line (L) of a typical AC power line.



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