Recycling & Safety

IBP has access to all the resources you need for proper recycling and keeping your team safe.



  • Schedule Your Pick-Up
  • Value In Exchange
  • EPA Certification


  • Eye Wash Stations
  • Spill Kits
  • PPE


  • Battery & Charger Training
  • OSAH Resources
  • EPA Resources

Recycling & Safety

  1. Recycling

    Batteries are the most recycled consumer product on our planet.  Allow IBP to assist you with the Recycling of your batteries to make certain you’re meeting all EPA regulations.

    • Scrap Exchange With Replacement Purchase
    • Out-Right Purchase, Less Than ½ Truck Load (20,000 lbs.)
    • Out-Right Purchase, Full Truck Load (20,000 + lbs.)
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  2. Safety Products

    Safety matters most.  Keep your team and your facility safe with IBP’s full line of EPA and OSHA compliant Safety Products.

    • Eye Wash Station
    • Spill Kit
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Safety Training

    Safety awareness & knowledge is essential to creating a productive and efficient team. IBP presents engaging, focused, hands-on Safety Training to fit your unique forklift battery and charger safety training needs.

    • Battery Training
    • Charger Training
    • Battery Watering Training
  4. OSHA Resources

    OSHA expectations are important to comply with when it comes to forklift battery changing, charging, and watering.  IBP can assist you in maintaining or even becoming compliant with the multiple OSHA Resources we have available.

    • Battery Handling
    • Battery Charging
    • Charging Area
    • Battery Watering

Safety Equipment

Industrial batteries and charges are a great source of stored energy but can become a source of great safety risk without the right precautions. As your partner, IBP will design and help you implement an industry-leading battery and charger safety program.

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