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Fully Assembled Kit

Everything is provided for the kit. It is fully assembled and ready for installation.

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Safety and labor savings are of the utmost importance to Battery Watering Technologies. Our valves are manufactured with the highest quality materials that keep all working parts above the battery cell.

To place an order for a Fully Assembled Kit, determine the valve type needed by using the industrial valve guide under the resources tab. You must know the battery make and model before using the valve guide.

Indicator Eye
Visible from the top and side – Confirms proper operation of valves.

Ultrasonic Welded Lid
The welding fuses the lid to the valve body improving the structural strength of the valve.

Clip-in Base
Installation is fast and easy – No twisting to lock in place.

Low Profile Design
Drastically reduces the risk of damage from battery cables.

Encapsulated Float
Reinforced encapsulation protects the float and eliminates interference with the moss shield.

Solid One Piece Float
Acid, temperature, and impact resistant – Solid construction cannot absorb water.

Tubing Barbs
Eliminates the need for clamps and angled to make installation easy in tight configurations.

Hydrometer Port
Hydrometer readings can be taken without removing the valve from the battery. The hydrometer opening has a slider with a stop so the covering won’t break or get lost.

The z-Lock feature integrates the tee piece with the valve for added durability.

Widest Pressure Range
The valves operate with pressure from 3-35 PSI using our filling devices. House static pressure should never be more than 90 PSI. If needed, a variety of pressure regulators are available to lower pressure.


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