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IBP’s Certified Power fleet gets you dependable batteries at an incredible value.

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Certified Power

We know there’s a world of difference between a battery that runs and a battery that performs. Our Certified Power Program gives you total assurance that every battery will deliver high-capacity power.

Certified Power Rental

  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Scalability
  • On-Site Service

Certified Power Used

  • Affordable Upfront Cost
  • Confidence In Maintenance History
  • Guaranteed Capacity Rating
  1. Certified Power Rentals

    • Industrial batteries owned by IBP that are 3 years old or newer
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    • On-Site battery inspection, at no charge, each quarter to ensure optimum performance
    • Once a battery reaches 1,100 cycles or 3 years old, regardless of how long you’ve had it, we’ll replace it with a newer Certified Power Rental Battery
    2X Certified Rental models 2
  2. Certified Power Used

    • Purchased new and operated exclusively in IBP’s Certified Power Rental Fleet
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    • All batteries are exclusively maintained by IBP’s trained Power Technicians
    • Performance evaluation report confirming 85% – 100% capacity
    • 1-3 Year warranty on all Certified Power Used Batteries
    2x Certified Used models 2

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