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IBP is an emerging leader in the industrial, commercial, and residential EV charging infrastructure.

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EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the future of modern transportation. Let IBP help you get ready for it. Tomorrow’s drivers will expect appropriately sized and located charging stations everywhere they go: home, work, schools, stores, theaters and more. IBP’s selection of quality EV chargers and our factory-trained technicians give you the most turnkey EV charging solutions available.

IBP’s EV Charging Solutions Help:

  • Support Environmental Initiatives

  • Create New Revenue Streams

  • Increase Property Value

Complete Solutions

IBP is here to lead your EV Charger implementation from start to finish. We begin with an initial site assessment to evaluate what is possible on your property.  We then work together to design a solution that meets your goals.  Typically, we will even develop augmented reality renderings so we can virtually see what is being proposed.  From there, we offer a variety of quality products and unique services for you to choose from to complete your project.  We also bring to your awareness potential incentive programs available to help reduce the initial cost of ownership.

  1. Design

    • Site Host Selection
    • Charger Location Consultation
    • Initial Project Planning
    • Site Renderings
    • Financial Incentive Program Awareness
  2. Sales

    • Variety of EV Charger Brands
    • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)
    • Charger Replacement
    • EV Charger Accessories
  3. Service

    • Installation & Activation
    • Warranty Support
    • Emergency Repair Response
    • Preventative Maintenance Plans

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Contact IBP for an EV charging consultation. We’ll identify your goals and start planning an EV charging solution that adds value to your facility.

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