Real People
Real Values

Our core principles have led IBP to national recognition as an authority on motive power, critical power and EV charging.


Core Principles

  1. Invest in People

    Our greatest asset is our people. We attract the best and keep them around by rewarding strong performance and promoting from within.

  2. Lead by Example

    We share the responsibility that comes with teamwork. That makes all of us, from branch managers to battery techs, everyday leaders.

  3. Act Like an Owner

    We love what we do, so we care how it gets done. We hold ourselves accountable to our personal growth and our team’s success.

  4. Do the Right Thing

    We believe honesty goes a long way. And when we fall short, we own up to it and make it right.

  5. Earn & Give Respect

    We all play for the same team. So we always find the common ground we need to win together.

  6. Go the Extra Mile

    Our customers are our business. We do everything in our power to keep them happy.

  7. Embrace Differences

    We learn from those around us. Different people, perspectives and experiences make our business better.

  8. Show Pride

    Our business is our passion. It energizes our customers and motivates our teammates.

  9. Work Selflessly

    We know we can always do better. We value openness and the curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere.

  10. Stay Positive

    We deal in solutions, not struggles. Whatever the challenge may be, we’ll find a way.

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