Safety Training

IBP knows that safety comes first and is the foundation of your operations.  Please let us help you keep your team safe by scheduling a training service for your team.


Safety Training

Safety awareness & knowledge is essential to creating a productive and efficient team. IBP presents engaging, focused, hands-on training to fit your unique forklift battery and charger safety training needs.

We offer training remotely via multiple virtual platforms, on site at your facility, or at one of our six Midwest locations.

  1. Battery Training

    • Forklift Batteries present many safety hazards to operators.
    • The average battery weighs 2,000 lbs. and stores around 2.7kWh of energy.
    • Most forklift batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid and emit hydrogen gas while charging.
    • Learn how to safely inspect & maintain your batteries to identify problems before they become serious.
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    Safety Training
  2. Charger Training

    • Using the correct type of charger, that is properly sized for each battery, keeps batteries operating at full capacity and maximizes their life.
    • Learn to recognize when a charger is not working to prevent damage to batteries.
    • We will train your team to safely perform regular inspections and evaluations.
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  3. Battery Watering Training

    • One of the most important factors in forklift battery life is proper watering.
    • Adding too much water, or any water at a low state of charge, will cause electrolyte to overflow exposing employees to sulfuric acid and reducing battery performance. Not adding enough water causes a battery to go dry, which can irreversibly damage the battery.
    • When should you add water, and how much? IBP helps you learn the right way to water your batteries.
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