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Safety matters most.  Keep your team and your facility safe with IBP’s full line of EPA and OSHA compliant products.


Safety at Work

Productivity begins with a plan and that plan should include safety.  Forklift battery charging, watering, and changing presents many safety hazards and risks.  Occurrences like acid splash and acid spills can be avoided with the right plan and proper safety equipment.  IBP has both proactive and reactive safety equipment readily available to keep your team safe and your operations running.

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Safety Equipment Package


16-Gallon Portable Eyewash With Cover


Battery Spill Kit – 6 Gallon

Hydrogen Gas Detector

Hydrogen Gas Detector


Acid Encapsulating And Neutralizing Absorbent Mat Pad


Shower/Eye Wash


Safety Rail

  • All Certified Power batteries are owned and exclusively maintained by IBP for 3 years or less.

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  • The power you need — when you need it. Get out of the battery business with complete DC power management from IBP.

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