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Critical Power: Vital Systems Management


One of the offerings IBP provides is Critical Power. The name implies its importance to us and to society. But, what exactly is critical power and how can we see it in action?

What is Critical Power?

Critical power systems are energy management systems that detect outages, start back-up generators and provide clean power to mission-critical equipment. It’s monitoring and mediating any form of power that would be consequential to lose. In these cases, there must be backup systems to keep the power running 24/7, uninterrupted. 

For instance, picture a hospital. The operating rooms that are temperature controlled and the vital monitors that show the patient’s status are powered by electricity. If the power grid failed without backup systems present, then patients lives’ would be at stake until the system was back online.

Critical power systems are also used in military field operations, banks, airports, communication networks, distribution centers, and food manufacturing plants. That is why it’s crucial to keep the power systems reliable, whether that means using UPS/Battery Backup or just installing products that will detect when an outage occurs. These systems are safeguards that prevent loss of life, accidents and general chaos. 

What Interrupts the Power Grid?

Weather, man-made disasters and routine power outages interrupt the power grid. Various issues can cause line voltage to surge, fluctuate greatly, or just flatline altogether. There are 10 common power problems, but the most commonly known ones are an AC blackout and a brown out. An AC blackout is a total loss of utility power for more than two cycles, while a brownout is a long term reduction in line voltage for an extended period of anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. While temporary, these outages can be devastating to equipment depending upon the power. 

In cases like these, IBP has you covered for uninterrupted power, keeping your business or home black-out free with a variety of products. This includes switchgear/utility, process control, UPS, telecommunications and emergency lighting. IBP offers high quality products with industry leading service and support capabilities to keep your world running. 

Check out IBP’s Critical Power page for more information.

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