EV-Ready Home Rebate

City Utilities of Springfield Missouri – Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive​

City Utilities of Springfield Missouri currently offers a rebate incentive aimed at builders and developers of new home construction dwellings with an attached garage who install 240-volt outlet to support Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment. This rebate is offered at up to $100 per outlet installed. For details about this program or how to apply please visit: city utilities.net

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Rebate Program

Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative​

PCECEV is Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative’s initiative to educate its members about electric vehicle benefits, best practices and technology. Platte-Clay is proud to offer rebate of 50% of installed cost, up to $250, for a Residential Level 2 electric vehicle charging station as a way to encourage energy efficiency and smart charging.

Program requirements:

  • Rebate is for a Level II charging station requiring a 240 volt input supply
  • Member agrees to program vehicle or EVSE to charge between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Charging station must be UL or ETL listed
  • This offer is only for residential customers and is limited to one charger per home
  • The primary location of the charging unit must be at the address provided on this form served by the Cooperative
  • It is recommended that a qualified electrician complete the installation and verify the panel is large enough to accommodate the charger
  • For more details on this program please visit the PCEC Electric Vehicle Program or to apply view the EV Rebate Form.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Incentives

Ameren Missouri​Ameren Missouri’s Charge Ahead program offers competitive incentives to eligible non-residential customers to install Level 2 EVSE or direct current (DC) fast charging stations at qualifying workplaces, multi-unit dwellings (MUDs), and public areas. Sites must be located in Ameren Missouri’s service territory and require no electrical upgrades. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications for incentives will be accepted until September 30, 2022, or until funding is exhausted, whichever is earlier.

Beginning January 1, 2020, non-residential customers are eligible to apply for incentives to install EVSE along highway corridors. Each station site must have two DC fast chargers and two Level 2 chargers. Each site is eligible for incentives up to $240,000, sites with planned DC fast chargers with a capacity of 100 kilowatts or greater are eligible for incentives up to $360,000. Applications for incentives will be accepted until December 31, 2023, or until funding is exhausted, whichever is earlier.